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JettJett has been working in the HyperTech Lab for many years, ever since he graduated from Space Academy. Today he is chief officer and leader of the lab. Jett is always ready to go on a new adventure, always willing to solve a problem, always brave enough to fulfill a dangerous mission. Jett really made a mark in universal history when he prevented the implosion of the sun with precise skill and strong will.

Jett is our handsome hero with a brain to match: a natural leader. Loyalty and friendship are one of the most important things in life to him. His faithful assistant Max looks up to him like a brother and his best friend Selena trusts him with her life. In fact, Jett and Selena have known each other since childhood and their bond is like family.

Jetts coolest invention is a fascinating Trunk that has multiple functions. It can materialize objects, make elements disappear and multiply certain things! And let us not forget Leo, an adorable HoverBot personally built by Jett.

Jett is convinced that one day he will be able to discover the Lost Kingdom of Cosmotopia.