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selenaAfter graduating with top honors from Space Academy, Selena took a year to explore what the universe has to offer. She travelled to the dark side of the moon, solved mysteries in the MilkyWay and discovered a rare hybrid species resembling the Dodo-bird. Selena reconnected with her best friend Jett at the annual intergalactic SpaceRace (RocketRally) where they were both competing for first place.

Jett invited her to work at the HyperTech Lab, where she was able to deepen her knowledge of Electro Dynamics and Nuclear Fusion. Selena proved to be very versatile and with that she was also swiftly promoted to communications officer at the Lab. Selena and Jett make a great team!

Selena is smart, sweet and knows how to get what she wants. She always looks out for her friends and would move mountains for them. Her greatest invention is the Gravity Blaster, a powerful tool that can alter gravitational push and pull!

Selena has always been fascinated by Aurora Borealis and she is close to distilling its magical properties.