Create amazing Holographic effects using your smartphone Goliath Games Best New Toys at Toy Fair 2013

What is HolograFX?

HolograFX-packshot_R-PTurn your Smartphone or iPod™ Touch into a Holographic magic show with HolograFX.  HolograFX is a breakthrough product that allows kids to perform magic shows using holograms created by their Smartphone. Chosen as Best Tech Toy at Toy Fair (London, 2013).

  • 20+ amazing HolograFX tricks included
  • Amazing 3D playing field setup
  • Target age: 7+
  • Show yourself as a hologram! Film yourself and be the star of the show.
  • Combine tricks with amazing holograms (such as teleportations, objects appearing and disappearing)
  • Two different playing worlds, each with their own story
  • Two 10-15 minute stories
  • App guides you through the setup and stories
  • App contains FAQ / support for the frequent asked questions

“This toy blew me away.” – Katie Tozer, The Gadget Show Live

“It’s fascinating to see how many technologies from science fiction have become reality.” –


“The cleverest part is that it uses a centuries-old lighting trick to give off the illusion of something out of Star Wars – holograms.”

“It was by far the coolest thing at Toy Fair”-THE TOY BOOK

“This as a great opportunity to give them a fun and different interactive experience”-

“HolograFX is a truly unique new toy system that uses a smartphone with a holographic ‘stage’ to create amazing effects.”

“It simply has to be seen to be believed.”-toy news-online